The evidence: Halper framed General Flynn and me

Stunning documents released by US Department of Justice on April 30, 2020 finally confirmed what I have always said. "Confidential Human Source" for the FBI, Stefan Halper, framed me and General Flynn. Halper falsely reported to the FBI that I seduced the General on behalf of Russian intelligence.

These documents have been concealed from me, General Flynn and American people for three years until US Attorney Jensen found them and released them to General Flynn's attorney. Mr Jensen was appointed by Attorney General Barr to review General Flynn's case.

Following the production of this document, all charges against General Flynn were dropped.

Here is Halper's FBI report with redaction and codenames filled in.

"The Crossfire Hurricane investigative team also addressed this investigation through Confidential Human Source reporting General Flynn for any derogatory or lead information. As such Crossfire Hurricane contacted an established FBI Confidential Human Source Halper to query about Flynn. During the debriefing, Halper revealed an incident Halper witnessed when Flynn spoke at the [security seminar] in the United Kingdom.

Halper was unsure of the date, but noted that Flynn was still in his position within the US Intelligence Community. [Writer's

note: per open source, Flynn spoke at [the Seminar] on [Feb 28, 2014]. Halper advised that after Flynn spoke and socialized with members of [Seminar] at dinner and over drinks, members of [the Seminar] got Flynn a cab to take Flynn to the train station to bring him to London

Halper stated that a [Russian graduate student] surprised everyone and got into Flynn’s cab and joined Flynn on the train ride to London. Halper stated that he was somewhat suspicious of [Lokhova] as [she] has been affiliated with several prominent members of [Russian government]

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