Spygate Exposed: Timeline

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I've updated the timeline for my book, SPYGATE EXPOSED

June 2015: Donald Trump announces his candidacy for US President

September 2015: FBI informer and well-known political dirty operative Stefan Halper is awarded a $245,000 contract by the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessments for a “China Russia” study. The ONA was later described as a swamp “slush” fund.

December 2015: Gen. Flynn travels to Moscow to give a speech and is photographed with Vladimir Putin. "OCONUS lures" approved by the FBI. Halper begins drawing down expenses on his ONA contract.

January 2016: The “Lokhova operation” begins. Halper associate Christopher Andrew, a University of Cambridge professor, invites British academic Svetlana Lokhova to dinner on behalf of Halper. Lokhova declines to attend.

Halper concocted lies used Lokhova's name to dirty up National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn in a sustained media campaign serving as the basis of an investigation of Gen. Flynn. Newly-released documents show that Halper supplied false stories to the FBI in August 2016. Halper gave the same stories to John Brennan.

February 2016: Halper’s first of his three taxpayer paid trips to United Kingdom. Halper spread lies to members of Cambridge Intelligence Seminar and other Cambridge academics about Svetlana Lokhova’s non-existent links to Russian intelligence.

May 2016: Australian High Commissioner Alexander Downer meets Papadopoulos and much later passes information to U.S. State Department, which is the excuse to open Crossfire Hurricane in July.

Trump campaign adviser Stephen Miller is invited to participate in a July symposium at the University of Cambridge arranged by Halper’s academic department. Miller declines.

June 2016: The “Carter Page operation” begins. A Halper associate at Cambridge, Steven Schrage, invites Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page, to the July symposium. Page accepts.

July 2016: Halper’s second expenses-paid trip to the United Kingdom where he first meets with Page at a private dinner at Halper's college on July 10, 2016. This is followed by the Cambridge symposium on July 11, 2016. Downer also speaks with Page, who is sitting next to him during the keynote address delivered by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Halper granted a second larger contract of $455,000 by the ONA.

August 2016: Halper reports his false “eyewitness” account about Lokhova and Flynn to the FBI who open a counter intelligence operation on Gen. Flynn. Halper invites Page to visit him in Virginia. Contacts between the two increase as the FISA application is being drafted. Halper emails Trump campaign Co-Chair Sam Clovis and arranges to meet with him. Newly-released documents show that the FBI agent in charge of General Flynn case seeks to close the Flynn case as Halper's "eyewitness" evidence is nonsense BUT the case is left to run because FBI leadership interferes!

September 2016: Halper writes to Papadopoulos, inviting him to London. Both Halper and Azra Turk a US government undercover-investigator and “honey trap” seek to elicit information from him about the Trump Campaign. Recently-released recordings of the meeting show that Halper tried to link the Trump campaign to Russia, but did not succeed.

October 2016: Halper has a second recorded meeting with Carter Page just before the successful FISA application. FBI meet with Steele in Italy to offer him a significant reward for dirt on Gen. Flynn.

November 2016: After announcement of Gen. Flynn’s appointment as NSA, Halper’s lies are communicated by Christopher Steele to David Kramer via Sen. John McCain to James Comey of the FBI. Halper’s concoctions likely used as predicate for the FBI re-starting surveillance of Gen. Flynn after the 2016 election. Separately, The House Intelligence Committee briefed by the Intelligence Agencies that “nothing unusual” during in 2016 Presidential election. "Trump campaign-Russia collusion" is not mentioned.

December 2016: Halper and Steele begin briefing the U.S. and UK press on allegations about Gen. Flynn and Svetlana Lokhova. The FT article falsely claims Kremlin penetration of the Cambridge Seminar. Halper associate and former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, reportedly meets with former MI6 agent Christopher Steele.

January 2017: Flurry of coup related activity; Lies, Leaks and Investigation. Start of House Investigation into “Russian Interference.” Publication of Intelligence Community Assessment based in big part on Steele and Halper’s “intelligence”. Publication of Steele dossier. Newly-released FBI documents reveal FBI sought to close case against Gen. Flynn in early January as there was no evidence. Ambush FBI interview of General Flynn…

February 2017: Gen. Flynn resigns. Christopher Andrew writes a newspaper article regarding Gen. Flynn. Lokhova approached by multiple U.S. media outlets who were briefed by Halper false stories about her supposed relationship with Gen. Flynn. Allegation of “inappropriate contact” (affair) put to multiple individuals including the legal representatives of Gen. Flynn.

March 2017: Halper campaign targeting Gen. Flynn and Lokhova continues with articles in The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian. Brennan Congressional testimony delayed. NEW Documents show that the FBI begin surveillance of Flynn's communications using National Security Letters

May 2017: Brennan delivers delayed testimony to Congress. Brennan makes allegation that a top Trump campaign advisor later, identified by Washington Post as Gen. Flynn, has been compromised by Russian intelligence. Mueller inquiry opens.

September 2017: Halper speaks with Carter Page for the last time; the FISA warrant on Page expires.

December 2017 NEW Declassified document David Kramer testifies to Congress revealing Steele told him about Gen. Flynn affair.

March 2018: Halper identified as a key player in Crossfire Hurricane operation by Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller.

May 2018: FBI and DOJ leaks to The Washington Post and The New York Times partially reveal Halper’s role in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Halper’s false allegations regarding Gen. Flynn and Lokhova appear in the Washington Post and New York Times.

Thru 2020 NEW Releases of documents by Department of Justice and DNI.

May 2020 NEW DoJ drops case against Gen Flynn.

Nov 2020 NEW Gen. Flynn pardoned.


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