General Flynn is pardoned but my fight for truth and justice goes on

Honored to be retweeted by President Trump just before the pardon was formally announced. As Mail reported, "Trump sent a signal forecasting that he might act soon, retweeting author Svetlana Lohhova, who had put up a tweet Tuesday night complaining about the pace of the Flynn case.

'Judge Sullivan was supposed to proceed 'with dispatch' (in a quick and efficient way) in Gen Flynn's case. Three months have passed since...' she wrote.

Lokhova, a Russia-born academic, was among a group of people who met with Flynn at the University of Cambridge in the UK in an encounter that had people on the internet accusing her of being part of a honeytrap organized by Russia.

She has vociferously denied being a spy. 'Absolutely not,' she told the BBC. 'I have no formal or informal connection with Russian intelligence whatsoever.' The meeting gained scrutiny after Trump fired Flynn after just days on the job in 2017. The dinner involved a former top British intelligence official and Flynn, who was then the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency."

The President also highlighted my book SPYGATE EXPOSED, which can be ordered here:

Unsurprisingly, after two retweets by President Trump, Twitter locked me out of my account.

I was expecting a lot of interest in SPYGATE EXPOSED this weekend after the presidential tweets.

Now is a great time to order a book for yourself if you have not already, or share with a friend if you have. SPYGATE EXPOSED is available as hard or paperback, or as an ebook at

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