Fundraising Appeal for Svetlana Lokhova

"Dark, oppressive clouds descended on Svetlana’s home in England on February 28, 2017 as she recovered from post-birth illness. Her life was blessed by the arrival of her child, but what came next and since has been anything but a blessing. It all started that hellish day when reporters began peppering her with questions by phone and email.

Stefan Halper, hired by a corrupt element of the U.S. government selected Svetlana as a cog in a machine being manufactured to destroy Donald Trump. She turned out to be the proverbial wrench in the mechanism. Halper accused her of being a Russian agent tasked with seducing and recruiting General Michael Flynn. All lies.

As we’ve seen unfold over the last few years and is still being revealed, the plot to bring down President Trump was an abysmal failure, but the damage to Svetlana and her family continues.

She came to America to publish a book telling the full truth about Halper and the coup plot. She came by faith and with the help of family and friends. She was “banking” on the success of her book to not only fully clear her good name and repay debt, but to expose the corruption deeply embedded in our federal government. Just months from the publication date, the publisher cancelled her contract due to baseless legal pressure applied by Halper’s lawyer.

Svetlana and her family need our help. Her finances have been drained and her book must get out. As always, she’s staying positive, trusting Providence, and working extremely hard to finish the race.

Let’s join her fight for what’s right and true."

You can donate here:

Thank you!

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